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Published by The Sound of Everything UK LTD 2015
All rights reserved


released February 10, 2015

Recorded & mixed by Dimitris Karpouzas at Lizard Sound studios (
Mastered by Dave Collins
Produced by Solarmonkeys & Dimitris Karpouzas

Music by Martin Pig & John Citizen
Lyrics by Martin Pig & John Citizen
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
JohnCitizen // MartinPig // GeorgeGazis // MariosIoannou



all rights reserved


Solarmonkeys Αθήνα, Greece

Solarmonkeys formed in November 2011 in Athens Greece. Outset of their interest was to work exclusively on their own material and to release a Full Length Album.
Their compositions are built upon rock forms and their sound flirts with this of the scene of Seattle ( the period of the eruption of grunge ) mixed with some electronic elements through keyboard sounds.
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Track Name: Don't bother
Let them bark
Perpetual rest
Makes us fond of

Don’t freak out
With social schemes
Nature’s regime is

Don’t freak out
With featured skills
State defines their
What brings you down
Wisdom lies
Beneath the shroud

Hey, don’t bother
Life is a mother fucker
Who’s gone want to take
Your kicks away
Track Name: Glass giant
An awkward feeling grows inside you
and makes you feel.
Like you’re the one that some higher powers
forbid from bloom.
You let an omen defy your life but won’t believe.
In signs and traces that might reveal to you.
Your sad, sad dream….

Eventually you did find the pieces,
which matched to your grief.
Now you’re afraid that you’ve grown older
and won’t be neat.
To break the habits that your surroundings
expect to see, but this is what
put you here in the first place
Oh! Can’t you see?

Perception lies
Among us all
We choose not to

Accept the things
That keep us numb
And then work through

Beware of lies
That keep you blind
And blur your mind

Someone to blame
Is in demand,
When you’re not right.
Track Name: Momma's son
Hey momma take a look at your son
Is that the man you dreamt he’d become?
You raised him up with unreasonable fears
You think it’s better if he lives like a slave.
Can he fulfill all of your needs, does he help you when you are falling apart.
His faith is gloomed in front of a god
Is he a soldier with power and blood?

I am wicked, wicked
I stand before you all
I am wicked, wicked
Balance on the edge of the world, you see
I am wicked, wicked
I stand before the line and fall…

Did your son buy a fast muscled car
Does he live in the house by the lake
Sleeps every night with a beautiful whore
Has full accounts in every bank and he is safe?

Take a look at the morning star
Have a glance at the sky when it rains
We are the sons that your momma wants dead
You are a vulture sitting over her grave
Track Name: Inside your head
I am a gun inside your head
I live in disgrace but I will ease your pain
I live in your veins Ι’m an unstoppable train
You will use my disguise if you want to feel fine
I rule your mind you don’t have to think twice
I am the A and the Z I want to see you in a mess

Over your shoulders I will hang you my brother
And when I disappear you will sink in your tears
There’s no path to forgiveness and if you think that you’re fearless
Every trick that you’re trying, will get lost when you die

You are on the edge I am the east and the west
I am a razor of lust, now you know who to trust
Brink me some wine and I’ll show you my child
Every breath that you‘ll take just grows your fears and your pain
Lie on a seashore I’ll keep your soul on a teapot
When you’re sleeping you are awake your karma is burning in space.
Track Name: Zoey
Slowly dive, don’t sink inside
Perspectives range, thoughts pending to be changed.
Found your soul, your bride to be.
I know, she is way too hot.
She will rip off your heart.
Didn’t cross the lines, time just flies
But yet, you moan, thinking there was a bond
All your thoughts: “its complicated love, I cannot put it down!”
Your dreams will meet the ground…

Oh yeah! Zoey had a boyfriend!
And she doesn’t give a damn about you and oh!
Oh yeah! Zoey had a boyfriend!
Be a grown man, with a real life.

A new affair, a way to compare
Who one’s right or wrong, for whom to write a song
Luminous, whenever you get loose
You’re gonna be the man that makes planets turn around the sun.

Oh yeah! Zoey had a boyfriend!
She made a shot from so far you had to help her sight!
Oh yeah! Zoey had a boyfriend!
And it had to be heard. Nobody knows why…
Track Name: Above
Should I be dedicated to those who breed
and claim the choice of you.
Those who try pursed you to, lose your will
and claim the thought of you.

Close your eyes…
Deep inside…

Should I be dedicated to those who breed
and claim the choice of you.
Influences by worst and best alike
pass you by just to save the pride.
Track Name: No care for lord
I don't wanna care for lord
And he won't send me a sign
I just wanna be alone
These can't be divine
All that those arrogant men tried to achieve
Responsibility transfer to him
Who can't deny or be questioned or claim
What have he gained

"Have no cared for lord, he is by your side
Once you see the light, you'll know its right"

Listen to Him and you'll know what to do
Make a decision, it's all up to you
"Drink from the well and your spirit will thrive
Just for a dime...”
Track Name: Let them rest
Feeling depressed
You lose your worried mind
Thousand thoughts fly by
In front of your open eyes
Searching deeper
Has made you wonder why
Being different
Is everybody's right.

Oh no, don't try to make it even
Hold on, being yourself it's harder than you thought

Shoot the dealers
Their profit keeps you down
"Father come back, the money is not enough...”

Come to a point that nothing else seems to work, I'm in dead end. Captain of madness sorrow and sadness boundaries refused to change. Soul is a changing but always retaining feelings that are compressed…
Let them rest